Statement Verification:

Affinity Telecare understands the importance of accurate and efficient statement verification processes in medical billing and revenue cycle management. Our statement verification services ensure that patient statements are thoroughly reviewed and validated, leading to improved billing accuracy, reduced errors, and enhanced revenue collection for your healthcare institution or facility.

Key features of our Statement Verification services include:

Comprehensive Review:

Our skilled team conducts a comprehensive review of patient statements to ensure accuracy and completeness. We carefully examine each statement, cross-checking the provided information with relevant records, invoices, and documentation.

Insurance Coverage Verification:

We verify insurance coverage for patients to ensure that claims are submitted accurately and in line with the coverage provided by insurance companies. Our team contacts insurance companies, confirms coverage details, and identifies any discrepancies or issues that need to be resolved.

Reconciliation of Charges:

We reconcile charges on patient statements with the corresponding medical records, invoices, and services provided. Our team ensures that all billed services are correctly reflected on the statement, reducing billing errors and potential claim denials.

Patient Information Validation:

Our statement verification process includes validating patient information, such as demographic details and insurance policy numbers. We verify the accuracy of patient data to minimize errors and ensure that the correct information is used in the billing process.

Coordination with the Billing Team:

We collaborate closely with your billing team to address any discrepancies or issues identified during the statement verification process. Our team provides detailed reports and communicates any necessary corrections or adjustments required for accurate billing.

Timely Resolution of Discrepancies:

If discrepancies or issues are identified during the statement verification process, we proactively work to resolve them on time. Our team follows up with insurance companies, patients, or other relevant parties to resolve any outstanding matters.

Compliance and Documentation:

We ensure that all statement verification activities comply with relevant regulations, privacy laws, and industry standards. Our team maintains detailed documentation of the verification process, supporting audit and compliance requirements.

By partnering with Affinity Telecare for statement verification, you can benefit from:

Improved Billing Accuracy:

Our thorough verification process helps reduce errors in patient statements, leading to accurate billing and fewer claim denials.

Enhanced Revenue Collection:

Accurate statement verification contributes to timely and optimal revenue collection by ensuring that all billable services are properly reflected and claims are submitted correctly.

Streamlined Operations:

Outsourcing statement verification to our experienced team frees up valuable time and resources for your billing staff, allowing them to focus on other essential revenue cycle management tasks.

Compliance and Audit Readiness:

Our adherence to regulatory requirements and detailed documentation support your compliance efforts and facilitate smooth audits when necessary.

Increased Patient Satisfaction:

Accurate statements and billing processes contribute to a positive patient experience, promoting trust and satisfaction with your healthcare institution.

Partner with Affinity Telecare for reliable and accurate statement verification services, ensuring billing accuracy, minimizing errors, and optimizing revenue collection for your healthcare institution or facility.